General Vendor Information

What do we look for in vendors? 

  • WOW factor: Friendly, attentive sellers. Nice presentation of your product. Do we want to buy everything on your table?

  • Balance:  We can’t accept too many vendors selling the same type of thing.

  • Unique: No sales of imports or direct sales of wholesale goods.

  • Hand Crafted: Crafts must be handmade by you.

  • Vintage: Items called vintage should be at least 25 years old, used but in good shape.

  • Safe: All products must be safe, with sharp edges buffered keeping everyone safe.

  • Family Friendly: No sexually explicit items.

  • Potential for Success: We want to feel that you can be successful at our fair!



  • Volunteering is how we keep our vendor costs so low. Discounts are available to those who volunteer their time and energy to the advertising, organizing, and running of the event.

  • A 10’ by 10’ booth space costs $40.

  • You’ll pay the $20 to hold your place that is non-refundable as it helps cover the cost of the event and then another $20 on the day of the fair.



  • Available for volunteers who help with the running of the fair.



  • Along with our website, we have both Facebook and Instagram pages you can like, share, tag, etc. All vendors are expected to advertise through their own pages, emails, and newsletters.



  • Be ready in time for the fair at 10 AM with your OWN tables, chairs, & displays. You can come as early as 8 AM if you need the time to set up. The fair ends at 4 PM and we do not start packing up until then.



  • You MUST REPARK well away from the pavilion as the spaces along C Street are saved for customer parking. A reminder that the location of the fair is 301 C Street, Davis CA 95616.

Davis Business License:

  • Link to the document:

  • Required by the City of Davis if you are selling more than one time per year in Davis. You can pick up an application at City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd, or ask for a form on the day of the fair. Licenses generally cost $17 per year. A California Seller’s Permit is the first step unless you’re strictly a food vendor.

[Nonprofits are welcome to join us for fundraising events to sell items that meet our criteria]

Additional questions or concerns, please email our team at

***Additional Information***

  • Please wait for an email response; which may take a few days to receive!

  • If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation 2 weeks prior to the event with a link to reserve your 10'x10’ spot with a non-refundable $20 fee. You will get vendor instructions and information via email that will help guide you to success at the fair.

  • Email responses may be in the negative if your product is too similar to a current vendor that has already been accepted or if what you would like to sell does not fit within the guidelines of our Square Tomatoes criteria as seen in the information above.

Vendor Application Links

Craft and Vintage Vendors:

  • Need to be handcrafted by vendor OR

  • 25 years old vintage items

Click here for the craft & vintage vendor form

Food Vendors:

  • Need to be permitted food vendors​

Click here for the food vendor form

Bands for Live Music:

  • Need to have 3 or more people in the band

Click here for the live band form